Why work for us?

Our Corporate Values

At Del Monte Fresh Produce, we are dedicated to delivering quality product and quality service.  The core values of Del Monte Fresh Produce provide the foundation for the operation of our business in every location around the world.  We strictly observe and adhere to all laws and ethical standards, and conduct business affairs lawfully and ethically with honesty and integrity.

We foster, recognize and support five key values among our employees:

1. Service: To deliver outstanding and continuing service to our customers.

2. Commitment: To achieve strong sustainable results.

3. Continuous Improvement: To continuously improve our performance, our products and our service.

4. Long-term outlook: To evaluate each endeavor and its impact on our long term outlook.

5. Teamwork: To communicate openly and work as a unified  team to attain common goals.

Corporate Citizenship

Del Monte Fresh Produce is a socially and environmentally aware organization.  We are committed to the continual development of our people, resources and environment.  We focus on three main areas of Corporate Citizenship:

To be engaged in Company development, to further increase quality and productivity, while actively supporting the development of the Community. 

To give back to the Environment, the support it needs for sustainable development. 

To give back to the Community the support for allowing the Company to operate in their area.

Quick Facts

We believe we are one of the leading marketers of fresh pineapples worldwide, and the number one marketer of branded melons in the United States and the United Kingdom.

We believe we are also the third largest marketer of bananas in the world.

We grow our produce responsibly, with an emphasis on preserving the environment.

Our U.S. Executive Offices are located in Coral Gables, Florida, U.S.A.

We control, manage or supervise all aspects of the production, distribution and marketing of our fresh produce.

The Del Monte® brand name has been in use since 1892.

We have the exclusive rights to use the Del Monte® brand name for fresh, and fresh-cut, fruit and vegetables on a royalty-free basis under a worldwide perpetual license from the Del Monte® Corporation.